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Hello, my name is Anita and I am a multipotentialite. How I love the sound of that word! Career coach, Emilie Wapnick, gives an illuminating discussion in her Ted Talk back in 2015. She defines multipotentialites as those who develop a range of interests, passions and careers over a lifetime. Watching her talk, I had a eureka moment realizing that word fit me to a T.

In my own words, what it means is this…

I am eclectic by God’s design, gifted in multiple areas, and creative in the work that I do. My formal education includes a BS in Biology, a Specialized Technology Degree in art, and an MS in Education. Along the spectrum of my life, I became a research scientist, a learning and development specialist, a home school teacher, a strategic planner, an event planner, an instructional designer, a program manager, a diversity and inclusion leader, an entrepreneur, a website designer, a community-based television producer, and most recently, a life coach and a writer

I co-authored my first anthology back in 2014, Motherhood Dreams and Success: You can Have It AllEmpower Your Life is my second anthology project and I’m working on a solo project, a spiritual memoir, due to be released later this year.

All of this has occurred over the course of my lifetime through three places of professional employment (the University of Pittsburgh for 8 years and two pharmaceutical companies for 25 years combined); through network marketing; and through volunteering with nonprofits and community-based organizations.

At the heart of it all is a strong belief in continuous improvement through learning and personal development. I believe in making today better than yesterday, this year better than the last, and even this decade better than the last. My personal growth and development is the result of three innate characteristics.

  • Strong faith, trust and belief in God
  • An undying love for reading, writing and learning
  • Passion for investing in people

So the question is this…

Are YOU a multipotentialite? In my view, the answer is heck yeah—though, you may not believe me! It’s all because the human family has creative potential beyond measure as a function of God’s design. We were made in His image. Having said that, I also believe in whole brain thinking versus split brain thinking, an expression of the domination or negation of one brain part over another.

I often hear people describe themselves as creative or analytical by virtual of split-brain thinking instead of creative and analytical by virtual of the brain as a fully integrated system. We were designed to be whole brain thinkers with parts of the brain working in concert with one another to produce a unique melody that becomes your life.

And the bottom line is this…

"Life is too good a gift to not live fully. You are an amazing human being with potential beyond measure. However, you must tap into that potential in order to expend it kinetically. Life is continuous learning and discovery, growing and changing. How well you navigate it all determines how high you soar. My mission is to help you do more to soar!"

Anita D Russell

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